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Saryana and the Wonderful Djembe Drum

Picture Books

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Amy wants to make a special birthday gift for Grandma. She looks around the room for inspiration when the image of a colorful hat magically appears before her eyes. Amy is amazed, but could she possibly knit it? And would Grandma really wear a colorful hat?

Part of the Beauty and Wonder series.

The mighty warrior princess Lydia is the pride and joy of her kingdom, having defeated monsters and enemy warriors alike. But when an old man comes to teach her the harp, Lydia faces an unexpected challenge. Will this bold warrior princess dare to play such a gentle instrument? 

Part of the Warriors and Wisdom Fairy Tale series. 


About Us

Phoenix Journey Books is a small imprint publishing stories that spark wonder, joy, and inspiration in young people.


The ordinary and the extraordinary come together in these books, bringing timeless values to contemporary audiences.

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Saryana wants a djembe drum. Grandpa seems willing to help, but under one condition: Saryana must understand why she wants the drum. With a bit of perseverance and help from a few magical birds, Saryana discovers there is more to the djembe drum than she ever imagined.

Part of the Beauty and Wonder series.


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