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Phoenix Journey Books is a small imprint publishing stories that spark wonder, joy, and inspiration in young people.


The ordinary and the extraordinary come together in these books, bringing timeless values to contemporary audiences.

Phoenix Journey Books was established by author Madalina Hubert with the goal of sharing magical, insightful tales with readers. 

Why the Phoenix 

Phoenix feather.PNG

The phoenix is a sacred bird in both Eastern and Western cultures.  

In the East, the phoenix is a heavenly bird that inspires goodness and beauty in people. In the West,  it represents new life and rebirth. Upon the phoenix's death by fire, the bird gains a new life, soaring towards the majestic sky.  

The name Phoenix Journey Books is a reminder that new stories are reborn from older stories, bringing renewed inspiration to generations of people.


The phoenix's mystical qualities can inspire people of all ages to search for deeper meanings in their lives, helping them to find timeless values that uplift them from the mundane into a richer, more fulfilling existence. 

We invite you to travel with us on the Phoenix Journey and find the beauty that lies within.

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