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Q & A with the Author

A Hat for Grandma: A Knitting Story

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In this section, we sit down with author Madalina Hubert to get an insight into what inspired her to write "A Hat for Grandma: A Knitting Story." 

Madalina Hubert is a Toronto-based writer and editor who has written dozens of feature stories for magazines, newspapers, and websites. She has also written several scripts for children's mini-series. 
Madalina is passionate about art and culture and loves creating stories that inspire young readers. She is the author of three lovely picture books:
A Hat for GrandmaLydia the Warrior Princess, and Saryana and the Wonderful Djembe Drum.

What inspired you to write “A Hat for Grandma”?


I learned the basics of knitting from my mother as a child, and like Amy, I was dropping stitches and felt frustrated whenever I had to unravel my work. Yet I also found knitting to be a fascinating process—turning a ball of yarn into a wearable item is an amazing feat.


In “A Hat for Grandma,” I wanted to teach children about the rewards of knitting a beautiful project. At the same time, I wanted to depict the patience, hard work, and cooperation necessary to do it well. I think that cultivating these qualities will help children in every aspect of their lives. 


What did you enjoy most about the writing process?


I loved being able to turn my experience of learning to knit into a story I can share with children and their families.


I was also fascinated to discover that while Amy is part of me, she is also unique, with her own personality and motivation. I'm inspired by her beautiful qualities whenever I read this story, so I hope children will be as well.


What is the most rewarding aspect of writing “A Hat for Grandma”?


The most rewarding part is being able to share this story with children and their families.  Hopefully, it will inspire a greater appreciation for traditional crafts like knitting, while also strengthening intergenerational connections within families, both of which can greatly enrich a child's life. 


What is it like to see these illustrations come to life?


It’s a delight to see these illustrations bring the story to life as a picture book. Bella Maher, the illustrator, did a wonderful job capturing the warm relationship between Amy, Mom, and Grandma, as well as the challenges Amy needed to overcome to knit the hat.


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A Hat for Grandma: A Knitting Story

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