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Q & A with the Author

Lydia the Warrior Princess:
A Fairy Tale about Music and Compassion

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In this section, we sit down with author Madalina Hubert to get an insight into what inspired her to write "Lydia the Warrior Princess." 

Madalina Hubert is a Toronto-based writer and editor who has written dozens of feature stories for magazines, newspapers, and websites. 
She has also written several scripts for children's mini-series.  

Madalina is passionate about art and culture and loves creating stories that inspire young readers. She is the author of three lovely picture books: A Hat for GrandmaLydia the Warrior Princess, and Saryana and the Wonderful Djembe Drum.

What inspired you to write "Lydia the Warrior Princess"?


This story came to me one evening when I was thinking about the importance of overcoming stubbornness and being open to life's unexpected opportunities. 


We see how this is reflected in the story, Lydia is initially reluctant to learn the harp because, as a warrior princess, she'd rather practice warrior skills. She doesn't want anything to distract her from the mission of protecting her kingdom.


Yet as she overcomes her stubbornness and connects with the harp, she realizes that strength isn't limited to swords and battles.


By the end of the story, Lydia understands that gentleness is also a type of strength. It can, in fact, solve problems that physical strength or weapons never could. 

What did you enjoy the most about the writing process?


I enjoyed writing a fairy tale about themes and characters that are at once individual and timeless.  That's because "Lydia the Warrior Princess" is rooted in the many legends and fairy tales I've read along the way, but it's also reflective of the lessons I've learned in my own life. 

What was the most rewarding aspect of writing this story?


I feel grateful to have the opportunity to share this story with young people. Hopefully, it will help them to become more broadminded, brave, and kind to the people in their lives.  


How do the illustrations complement the text?


The illustrations by Nabeel Hayder are colorful, vivid, and imaginative. They create an atmosphere that's both realistic and fairy tale-like. It was a rewarding experience to see this story come to life through the images.


Lydia the Warrior Princess:
A Fairy Tale about Music and Compassion

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