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Meet an Author: Ann Parker

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

Ann Parker is a UK-based children's author and poet who loves writing stories in rhyming verse that bring joy and delight to children and their families.

Her first book, Magic & Memories is a book of 20 rhyming verse children's stories that include tales of animals, fantasy and families. The stories are heartwarming and always full of kindness and thoughtfulness.

Published in 2022 by ShieldCrest Publishing, the book features stories that range from funny and adventurous to sentimental.

In this Q&A, we asked Ann a few questions about her inspiration, favourite stories, and feedback she has received from young readers.

1. What inspired you to write this book?

I've always had a vivid imagination and have made up many stories for my two daughters and now my eight grandchildren. I turned some of them into miniature books for their birthdays, using their names. Friends started asking for copies and said I should put them in a proper book. Now I'm on Amazon, in stores and even on this blog!! I have to pinch myself sometimes.

2. Why did you choose to write the stories in rhyming verse?

I prefer reading the rhyming ones to my granddaughters, so I decided to have a go and actually found I could do it. I love it when I think of the words, and the line falls into place and sounds almost like a melody.

3. Do you have some favourite stories from Magic & Memories?

One is The Bravest Badger. He is so lovely, but when he arrives at the farm, the other animals mock him and make him feel unwelcome. Yet after he saves the chickens from a fox attack at night (badgers are nocturnal), he is congratulated and welcomed by all. I love it when the underdog comes out on top.

Another favourite is Slow Down, Harvey Brown. I have a grandson who was always on the go and got in trouble for it, but Harvey Brown finds out that it doesn't matter as long as he uses his special talents to fulfill his dreams. Of course, as a grandparent, I love the stories Letter to Grandpa and Nanny Poppins' Pockets.

4. What do you want to tell readers with your book? What kind of feedback have you received from young readers so far?

I want my readers' imaginations to go to new places, laugh, and sometimes feel a little bit sad. But each story has a happy ending, with a moral in there somewhere! There's such an assortment of characters for everyone: from unicorns to cats and dragons to dogs. It's also handy to have 21 stories in a book that fits in your bag.

The children I've spoken to all have their own favourites. One wants to hear Supercorn & the Dragon every bedtime. One little boy, I heard, won't go to bed unless my book is under his pillow. I feel very honoured.

One aspect they all love is the size of the book. It's only 5 x 6 inches, so they feel they're holding a proper book that's specially made for them. That's why it makes a perfect gift for those special occasions.

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