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Meet an Author: Deborah Hunt

Deborah Hunt is a U.S.-based writer, specializing in children's books and health books. Among her children's stories are the picture book No Dinosaurs Allowed and the chapter book The One-Eyed Pug.

Based in New York, Deborah is also a nursing professor and dean. She writes every day and loves attending events to share her books and passion for writing. Deborah also enjoys painting, gardening, hiking, and cooking and hopes to own a farm one day filled with rescue dogs, chickens, and baby goats. Her personal quote is "May you always have a book to read and a story to hold in your heart."

In this Q&A, we talk to Deborah and learn more about her award-winning story No Dinosaurs Allowed, a picture book featuring the adventures of a boy named Bobby and his best friend, Teddy the Dinosaur.

1. What inspired you to write this story?

Writing has been a lifelong passion We live in a world where some people aren't accepted because they're different. I'm always inspired to write a story that a child will enjoy while also learning a lesson. The key is to "teach" and not "preach" and to address age-appropriate themes.

2. Why did you choose a dinosaur as your main character?

I've always been intrigued by dinosaurs, and when I was younger dreamed about having a pet dinosaur. I thought how fun and unique it would be to include a big friendly dinosaur as a little boy's best friend.

3. What do you want to tell readers with your story?

I wanted to highlight the importance of friendship and show that while sometimes people make judgements about others, if they take time to reflect they can find a way to accept and include others, even dinosaurs.

4. How do the illustrations complement the text?

The illustrations were created by my talented illustrator, Ashleigh Heyns. We spent a lot of time discussing the story and the characters, and she then brought them to life. The illustrations are meant to support the story and are very eye appealing. We also wanted to include diverse characters.

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